Monday, February 16, 2009

United Christian Broadcasting

Hello All,

I first came across UCB whilst Ironing!!

There was no one in the house, only me and a huge pile of clean linen awaiting thier press, I put the portable T.V on and flicked through...up through the channels I by one... I stopped in my tracks when one of my favourite tunes of all time started blasting out of the T.V ..

Be still.. for the presence of the Lord... I did stand still, very still as this sound was bringing me back, I hadnt realised how far away I had gone from my God... praying everyday of course, but there is just something about music, the Lord really lets me know and understand the words what he wants me to hear, I had just been trundling on, keeping God to myself, praying for the ones I love and others naturally, But never really talking outwardly about him... so from then on we prayed as a family, worshipped as a family... And I will keep talking about anyone he wants me to. And the journey from that day led to my hubby coming to Christ, So thats why I love UCB. oops sorry I have gone off track slightly!! lol

Anyway UCB have a wonderful array of DJ's, Faboulous guests, readings & teachings For all ages... and the music is awesome too! Something for all tastes & genres. ( even jokes and funny stories) Through computer, Digital radio or TV (sky digital 0136)

If you contact them you can receive a free booklet from Bob Gass, a wonderful way to bible study in this modern day! "The word for today".

Love & Blessings
Sarah x
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