Thursday, November 4, 2010

Victorian Baubles For Christmas

I have been busy making victorian style baubles.  You can read more about them HERE

My Grandma

Sadly, my Grandmother died last Sunday. These are just a few thoughts.
 Grandma was a believer appreciater and encourager of artistic talents.  I remember making her a plastercast of Peter Rabbit when I was young and it being given pride of place with her Pendelphin ornaments.  Never mind that it wasn't a work of art.  She treasured it.  It was the same a few years later when I made her a quilled egg.  It took pride of place in her  display cupboard. She would treasure the handmade cards that people had made for her for Christmas and would bring them out year after year, it was her way of showing you that she treasured the thoughts and love that you put into  each creation and that she could give back the thoughts and love too.
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