Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sky ~ 27/04/10

whispy sky

Day 103 ~ One A Day Challenge ~ Dangle Charm Bracelet

Blue beads selection

Craft Juice Tuesday ~ Fibre Fun

Isn't this dinosaur hat for a baby really gorgeous! Created by Inspiraknit

Branda has knitted this lovely cable stitched neckwarmer in a really beautiful red.

These adorable little booties are crocheted by Antomawi using greeen and orange yarns.

A stunning orange and black shawl created by Geklara from silk.

I love the sea insprired colours of this beautiful shawl created by The Sun Room Uk using the art of Crochet.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

What do Preseli (Pembrokeshire) and Haltemprice and Howden have in common?

I live in South Cave, a village within the Haltemprice and Howdenshire constituency. I've been on holiday to Pembrokeshire (and a really beautiful area it is!) However, my latest contact with Preseli has been to pair up with a voter from there named Liz.
There are two others in this locality who have also paired up with two other members from Preseli.
In the general election in 2005 the results in Preseli were:
Conservatives 37%
Labour 35%
Lib dem 13%
In the general election in H&H, the results were:
Conservatives 47%
Lib dems 36%
Labour 13%
If I want to vote labour, it makes no sense in H&H, however in Preseli it makes far more sense.
And if Liz in Preseli wants to vote LIb dem it makes no sense, but in H&H it makes more sense.
So quite simply we both joined the facebook group Voting Buddies and agreed to swap our votes.
There are lots of people waiting for swaps. Tactical voting makes a lot of sense.
Don't waste your vote!

Red Kite

Coming back from Beverley this morning, I was lucky to see one of the redkites. They are breath taking as they glide with the sun catching their wings.

The Jerry Springer show ~ In my garden!

Hello and welcome, todays show is going to focus on these two blackbirds who we shall call Peter and Paul. You may remember that they featured on yesterdays show because of their fighting.
Don't remeber ... well lets just remind our selves.
So we have two male blackbirds squarking and sqabbling and in flight fighting. Could it be over a lady bird (a feathered one rather than the red and black variety!).
Well closer inspection of the pair has revealed the real reason.Awwww isn't he/she cute. Very tiny, very fluffy and one of a pair. Now the other one is quite happily hopping around the garden after mum. chirping for food and being rewarded by her with tastey morsels of catterpiller, worms and other delicious (if you are a bird) treats.
Now the dilema is that both male blackbirds think they are the dad of this cutie pie. Mum is saying nothing!

Everytime one of the males gets some food in his beak and attempts to approach cutie pie, the other one becomes all defensive and squarks and flies at him.
Poor little cutie pie can't tell where his next meal is coming from. He's chiruping in the most pityful way.

How on earth these two males both think they are the dad, I do not know. I just hope cutiepie gets some grub.

These photos were taken yesterday and I'm glad to report that this morning he is hopping around, but still being fathered by two dads. DNA test required!

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Don't forget!!

My giveaway to celebrate 100 days of the "one a day challenge"
and Don't forget to

Day 101 ~ One A Day Challenge ~ TOP SECRET!

it's a secret!!!!
I have made several things today.
I cannot tell you or show you what.....
You'll need to wait for Issue 3 of Creative Beads and Jewellery Magazine as they are all projects for that issue.
Published on 11th June

The Broken Road

Selah ~ The Broken Road

Sky ~ 22/04/10

Pure blue

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

GIVEAWAY!!! ~ Day 100 ~ One A Day Challenge ~ Angle Necklace

100 Days!!! I am so chuffed. If you have missed my challenge, it is to create one item per day (at least) for a whole year.

Todays creation is based on my popular cherry blossom design and has a modern tilt to it. Acrylic cubes are seemingly suspended on silver wires.
There are also a pair of earrings to match.
In recognition of the hundreth post, this one is a giveaway and will be given to someone picked at random who has left me a comment on this post. The draw will be made on sunday at noon.
Please also mention whether you'd like clip on or hook earrings (as I will alter them for the winner)

Sky ~ 21/4/10

clear blue

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Crafts Juice Tuesday ~ An eclectic mix

Beautiful muted colours have been combined to create this perfect little brooch. Designed and created by Evabdesigns.

I really love Tallulahblue's wonderful postcards of her original painting.

I don't think you could get more girly than this canvas wall art by Silent Theatre. Pink, glitter and satin bows ... very pink and very pretty

Wonderful little chicken purse created by Sockysworld. The fabric is really simple but really cute.

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