Saturday, April 24, 2010

What do Preseli (Pembrokeshire) and Haltemprice and Howden have in common?

I live in South Cave, a village within the Haltemprice and Howdenshire constituency. I've been on holiday to Pembrokeshire (and a really beautiful area it is!) However, my latest contact with Preseli has been to pair up with a voter from there named Liz.
There are two others in this locality who have also paired up with two other members from Preseli.
In the general election in 2005 the results in Preseli were:
Conservatives 37%
Labour 35%
Lib dem 13%
In the general election in H&H, the results were:
Conservatives 47%
Lib dems 36%
Labour 13%
If I want to vote labour, it makes no sense in H&H, however in Preseli it makes far more sense.
And if Liz in Preseli wants to vote LIb dem it makes no sense, but in H&H it makes more sense.
So quite simply we both joined the facebook group Voting Buddies and agreed to swap our votes.
There are lots of people waiting for swaps. Tactical voting makes a lot of sense.
Don't waste your vote!

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