Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Jerry Springer show ~ In my garden!

Hello and welcome, todays show is going to focus on these two blackbirds who we shall call Peter and Paul. You may remember that they featured on yesterdays show because of their fighting.
Don't remeber ... well lets just remind our selves.
So we have two male blackbirds squarking and sqabbling and in flight fighting. Could it be over a lady bird (a feathered one rather than the red and black variety!).
Well closer inspection of the pair has revealed the real reason.Awwww isn't he/she cute. Very tiny, very fluffy and one of a pair. Now the other one is quite happily hopping around the garden after mum. chirping for food and being rewarded by her with tastey morsels of catterpiller, worms and other delicious (if you are a bird) treats.
Now the dilema is that both male blackbirds think they are the dad of this cutie pie. Mum is saying nothing!

Everytime one of the males gets some food in his beak and attempts to approach cutie pie, the other one becomes all defensive and squarks and flies at him.
Poor little cutie pie can't tell where his next meal is coming from. He's chiruping in the most pityful way.

How on earth these two males both think they are the dad, I do not know. I just hope cutiepie gets some grub.

These photos were taken yesterday and I'm glad to report that this morning he is hopping around, but still being fathered by two dads. DNA test required!

1 comment:

Carol said...

It is very refreshing to know that all species share these idiosyncracies. What an interesting garden you have.

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