Monday, March 26, 2012

Going to the Ceilidh

Ceilidh Time

When she leaves school in the summer following her A level's, Beth is going to be taking a year out to work in Cambodia as part of the Project Trust.  To take part, Beth has been charged with raising money and thanks to many exploits including playing her flute at South Cave Farmers market, she's now well on her way with the fund raising.
In the hope of topping it all off, Beth has been working hard arranging a Ceilidh 
Saturday 5th May
North Ferriby Village Hall (East Yorkshire)
7.15 - 11.00pm

Price: Adult ~ £10, Student ~ £8 & Children ~£8.
Tickets include a choice of vegetarian meal: Chilli, Curry or Cambodian Stew.

Tickets are available from 01430 421929 or from West End News, South Cave

Friday, March 16, 2012


Change: make or become different:
an act or process through which something becomes different:
Things change, we change, life changes.  The way things were planned out is not always how they will be.  It's futile to resist, instead we need to embrace the changes, to make the best of the situation and to do our very best.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Oh Yes! ~ Candy Creative Displays

I Need this tree of my favourite treats.  Doesn't it look amazingly delicious.
You can find out more about this tree and the other candy displays created in East Yorkshire By Lisa Craven Jones

Monday, March 5, 2012

Metal thefts

More and more in the news we hear about metal thieves.  In one local street, everyone's gates were removed by thieves in the middle of the night, In other stories it is plaques from graves and memorials honouring the sacrifice paid by our soldiers of yesteryear.
Our church was recently targeted by lead thieves. They not only took the lead, but also caused damage and that damage and replacing the lead are an incredibly expensive problem.  The insurance company will not cover the costs of replacing it all and the church is left with an almighty shortfall.  The decision has been made to replace with a composite product that has no scrap value, but costs a small fortune to put on.  Whilst the work to replace the lead left behind and repair the damage goes on, further damage is occuring.  The church was modernised and flooring and seating replaced 3 years ago,, the walls were repaired and repointing was done.  But yesterday it rained heavily, the water ran straight into the building dripping into the plaster and causing it to blow, the organ was soaked and has had to be covered with tarpaulins.  The theft of the metal has left a huge scar on the church and ours is not a one off story.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Let Me Be Your Servant

Inspired by the post below

Spread A Little Happiness

A few weeks ago I came across a group on Twitter called Three Sides Theatre who were talking about "Free Cake", well that sounded good so I followed a link to be lead to this video..

I thought this was such a lovely idea and sat smiling while watching it. This random act of kindness was followed yesterday by another great act

You can read all about these youngsters and find out more about them on their website
wouldn't the world be a hppier place if we all took a similar stance! Well done guys!
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