Monday, June 8, 2009

Selling Crafts by Sale or Return.

"Erica" available through (can be created in any colour)
I have been selling goods by Sale or return for sometime now and I thought I would dedicate this post to the "how to's"

It is important that the thought of "selling your items" does not shove common sense out of the door.
By following the points listed you should experience a happy and fruitful relationship with the gallery / shop.

Sale or return is where you supply goods to a gallery / shop and no cash is handed over to you in exchange. The goods are displayed and cared for by the shop and then in the event of any sales being made, the shop pays you a percentage of the sale.
When you hand over your goods, it is important that you put together a simple contract. The language must be basic and state the following:
An inventory of stock: List all items clearly.
Pricing: You must list the price you want from the item and then the mark up that the shop can make
Discounts: If the shop decides to include the goods in a sale promotion, that the cut should be from the shop's cut.
Payment: When you can expect payment for sales and how you will receive that payment.
Damage or loss: If damage or loss of item occurs whilst in the shop's care, then the shop will pay you your cut of the price.
Transporting goods to the gallery If you are delivering or posting the stock to the shop, who is responsible for postage costs (I normally state that if I am sending I pay the costs and if they are sending then they pay the costs)
Promotion If your goods are to be displayed in the shop, it is no good having them in a weak site eg. stuffed in corner and not displayed to their potential. You should state that they be displayed with good lighting, visiblity etc.
Copyright : ensure your goods cannot be copied whilst they are in the care of the gallery… no photo’s without your agreement
Statement of Ownership: so that the gallery cannot claim them as assets should they run into financial difficulties. This is incredibly important. If the shop goes under in the credit crunch then you need to be able to prove that the items are not part of the shops collateral.

By observing these simple steps you should have a problem free relationship with the shop.

Remember that when approaching the shop, you should be confident and know prices etc. Always dress in a business like way and be positive.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Recently I have been a bad blogger. I have not updated nearly as much as would ideally like to. Anyway there has been a lot going on and I'll tell you some bits and bobs...

On one of my other blogs I have a give away that is ending this lunch time. You simply leave a comment on the post and choose from these four bracelets... Open to Us and Uk readers.
I have also been updating my shop and have changed it's direction slightly to be more of a wedding and occasion site. I've been asked by a bride to create all their wedding stationary and have had lots of fun designing. This is a new venture for me, but one I shall embrace.
I have also been able to offer lots of advice regarding the service itself and have been privaledged to choose the music. You really can't imagine how much of a thrill this has been.

Finally, I have been out in the garden. Earlirt this year we dug a huge strip out of the front and have now planted loads of seeds etc. It's been great fun. few more weeks and we should be enjoying our organic crops.
So there you go, that's where I have been....
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