Sunday, April 18, 2010

Swapping Votes

Living in a constituency where it's always been a one party race, it might seem as though your vote is worthless. Take Haltemprice and Howden where I live. The conservatives candidate is David Davis. Conservatives have maintained power here for many years. At the 2005 general election they won with a vote of 22,792. The closest vote to that was the Liberal Democrats with 17676 and then third was labour with only 6104 votes.
In my eyes, voting labour in this constituency is giving a free pass to David Davis to take up the seat again. It is far better (until Proportional representation comes in) to vote for the party who stand a chance of defeating Mr Davis. I have therefore signed up to the vote swap currently being aranged by Karen Chandler on Face Book. The group is called Voting Buddies.


Dave Gould said...

What have you got against David Davis? When was the last time a sitting MP did something as honorable as giving up his seat (and career prospects) to defend Britain from Labour's totalitarian attacks on our freedom?

Crystal Velvet said...

His membership of the Tory Party!!

He gave up a safe seat, knowing full well that the conservative majority would re-elect him. The election was a farce. There was never going to be another outcome. It simply inconvenienced people and cost the tax payer money to stage the re-election!

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