Saturday, April 17, 2010

Quiet Skies

Because of the Icelandic Volcano, most of the uk and Northen Europe flights have been cancelled. This has so much impact on many different people. Yesterday at school, a mum was saying her husband was stuck in America. Then today I have heard that a frriends honeymoon has been cancelled because there are no flights and another friends family have been unable to fly out to Spain to join her for a weekend break.

Hearing people on the news last night who live around Heathrow saying how silent their world has become, got me thinking about when we lived in Surrey. We were ten miles or so from Heathrow and so had a fair few planes fly over. The noise simply became something you more or less ignored, but there were two times in the day that you had to literally stop talking and wait.

10am and 6pm were those two times. The noise started as a distaant rumble and increased and increased until you could feel the noise roaring through the house. You could almost feel the cracking sound. If you were on the phone to a friend at the other end of the village, you would hear the noise start on her phone and then feed back through yours.

Concorde was on it's way! Dispite the noise, I loved to watch the elegant metal bird glide through the sky, especially on a blue sky day. The white of the plane clean against the blue of the sky.

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