Monday, February 16, 2009

Christian Media ~ Premier radio

I know sarah listens to a christian radio station and I believe it is different to the one I listen to. I'm sure she'll fill you in on it later.
When my boys were younger I lived in Surrey on the outskirts of London. My local church was very traditional and didn't entertain modern music at all. I was therefore thrilled when out of chance one day I was twiddling the radio knobs and heard "Majesty". From that moment on, my radio was bringing a whole christian community into my house. This was in the early days of computers and we were too poor to have one! I used to get up early to do the ironing at 6 in the morning to listen to some bible based teaching and then over lunch time I'd have the chance to join in with the worship hour.
With serious mixed emotions we left London for my home village back up in Yorkshire and Premier radio was counted very much among the friends I had left behind.
Many years passed by and one day I was sitting at my computer feeling bored and I happened to type in Premier radio. What a wonderful surprise to find I could listen to it up in Yorkshire!!!!!
I have premier radio on all day long. The teaching is excellent and intersperced with chistian music, laughter and great programming like woman to woman. The lunch hour is still the worship hour with wall to wall prayer and worship.
Premier can be listened to on the following settings:
London DAB
Sky digital 0123
Freeview 725
1305 - 1332 -1413MW
Virgin media 968

Now come on Sarah and tell us about your station!
You cqa

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