Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lessons from a leaflet!

A business acquaintance has offered to promote me along side her own business and it is a great opportunity. The promotion will be done at a wedding event and when I looked at my existing leaflet I was shamed at it craft fair quality, hardly fitting for the wedding event.
I spent several hours selecting my best photos and passing them on the publisher windows. I was careful to select border colours in keeping with the wedding trends for summer 2009.
In the end I was pleased with the results.
I decided to print a test copy and pressed print on the printer.
After the whirring and flutterings had stopped, there was my leaflet lying in front on me.
But this perfect leaflet was not perfect. It was lying there in all it's printed glory on a cheap and bog standard piece of paper that did nothing for the presentation at all.

This made me think.

God makes us perfect in the death and resurrection of his son and yet we are all tatty bits of paper that don't always act that way. We become tatty by the words that leave our mouths and by the actions that are not as God would want.

Today will involve a trip to the shops for some best quality paper to display the leaflet at its best.

May we too aim to be perfect paper with words and actions that show God to others.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Proof that the smallest incidents can hold a lesson. Congrats on the promo!

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