Thursday, February 19, 2009

Trash or Treasure?

My workroom is, for part of the day (namely morning and evening) the families dining room. But from the moment the children leave for school until they return at the end of the school day, it is mine..... all mine.
I'm very lucky that no-one in my house is "house proud" to the extent that my storage areas are offensive. (yes I do wash up, hoover and tidy) but you know how it is when you craft, evey thing seems to have potential.
My room is set up so that I have floor to ceiling shelveing (great big ikea utility wooden shelves)
One of the units is neat. It is used to house the tiara and bridal jewellery collection. The other four units are not. They house huge polythene tubs full of beads from my bead store. Then there are all the paperwork files, paints, fabrics, resources and then of course there are my treasures.
The treasures consist of the things I've hoarded, the bits of drift wood, stones and rocks and sea glass from beach walks. Twigs, leaves and things from the woods, packaging and other items from everday life that I think will come in useful or might have potential.
I know that my mum thinks it's an apauling mess and I guess to the non crafter it is ...... but to the crafter it's an Aladin den.
I really think its time for a tidy up ......... but nothing will be thrown away, just stacked a little neater until each item finds its very own creation!

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