Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Walking to school ~ the joy of spring.

I am very lucky to live in a lovely village nestled at the edge of the Yorkshire wolds (a range of gently rising hills and beautiful countryside. )
Every morning I walk my daughter to school and without fail the 3/4 mile always has something wonderful in store for me. (yes... even in the rain and the fierce wind!)
I wish I could show you my walk to school, but I shall tell you instead. As we go out of the door, my garden has begun to sprout with fresh green and the daffodils, tulips and crocuses are beginning to peep through the cold soil. as I turn out of my gate, I am met with some small verge plots and here the daffodils are ahead of mine and are just beginning to show the golden yellow hint of what lies in store.
We cross the road and begin the walk up the street. Every bodies garden are flourishing with new growth. early pink blossoms, yellow daff and little purple primulas.
Then we reach the cottages. We look at the old terracotta bricks and find the outline of cottages long since gone. Their bricked up doors and windows barely visable to those who don't know to look for them.
We wave to friends and neighbours as they pass in their cars thinking how sad that they are not enjoying this walk of new discovery every morning.
We cross the road with the lollypop man who is a wonderful friend to all the children and he wishes us a cheery good morning.
On past my aunties house where Eden always peeps through the window in the hope that auntie Kath will be there to offer a blown kiss or a cheery wave.
Past the church where lavender bushes edge the paths and in the summer bees will buzz. Up the hill where the new hedge is planted and we see more pretty daffodils and then finally we reach the beck (Yorkshire word for a stream).
The beck is an amazing place. Until recently it was over grown with ivy and trees hanging their branches to cover the water so that from the path the secret world was just that. Recently the "in bloom" group have taken the mamoth task of clearing trimming and re planting. What they are doing is so amazing. They've uncovered brick walls and planted snow drops on small ledges giving the appearance of a fairy land paradise. The top area has tree stumps and a woven willlow hedge and ferns, daffodils, daisies yellow aconites. The stream itself trickles by over boulders and in the silent moments between the cars passing you can hear the gurgle of water and a miriad of bird song. Sometimes you even get to see rabbits whose burrows invade the bank. Finally we are at school. I say goodbye and turn to retreat my steps, to glimpse again at the flowers and greenery. A sudden noise overhead makes me look up and I see a huge flock of canada geese fly over. They circle and then I watch as they glide down into the lake belonging to the hotel. Barely a ripple as they land.
And all the way back lost in my thought of the busy day ahead I am greeted by people and smiled at. I thank God for the wonderful world he has put on my doorstop. I hope I instill in my children the same appreciation for this creation that God made.

Click on this link to see the beck section of my walk!

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