Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday ~ A preparation day

I'm spending this morning having a look at tomorrows service.
As a music group we are taking the service and because everyone has busy lives we simply take a section and have responsibility for that.
The service is going to be based around the song My Jesus, My saviour. It's a baptism service and so we'll have some families there who are probably there just for that. It's quite an oportunty to share the gospel with them. I have to admit that personally I do find it challenging when baptism families are there. For some of them the experience can be great. they enter into the service and join in and even come back on other occassions. At other times it can be very trying.
A few months ago I was in one, where a visitor who was part of the baptism party, glared daggers at me (and the rest of the music group) all through the service. It made me feel very uncomfortable indeed.
Anyway tomorrow my job is to lead the service. I quite like that job. I love co-ordiating the worship time and moving in the direction I feel led with intersperced prayers etc.
I know that when I stand up there tomorrow, if I'm being glared at I'll not be alone, I'll be with Jesus and he'll be standing there holding my hand very tight. After all he's been through so much worse!

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