Friday, March 6, 2009

Cluster ring ~ Crystal Velvet

When I was little we lived in Darlington and I used to go to a sunday school on a sunday afternoon. My memories of it are very hazy. I remember we used to all take all the 1/2p coins we could find and that they would be counted out and you had to guess how many there were. if you guessed right, you got to colour in the big wall chart. (they were collected for the leprosy mission)
I also remember developing my love of the colour purple. This love was born out of no other fact than a purple felt tip pen. The purple was the only colour there that worked really well and so without fail I would dive in the pen box and retrieve it before anyone else could. The treacher used to say i can always tell which is Karen's picture.
Well my love for purple remains and is very evident in this cluster ring which I desogned for a publication.

The ring contains 60 x 4mm bicones in three purple toned Swarovski crystals.

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