Monday, March 9, 2009

Follow up from saturday...

Despite taking time on Saturday to get my head around Sundays service, I arrived at church not really knowing what to say. Yes there was a layout of the order and which bits belonged to whom, but my head was really blank.
Why is it that when you have a pile of music in front of you, you can find every bit you have, but the one you are looking for has somehow secreted it'self away!. That happened over and over again to me.
Once the service was underway, the words just flowed from my mouth. Things that happened during the service fed me and I was able to weave things together.
A young family were presenting a scetch and it was entitled Lord there is none like you... They shared some amazing thoughts and I'd like to share some of those with you.

MUM: God is like the biggest IBM computer / You are like dads windows 98, slow to process, difficult to get working and won't play the games you want and often going into shutdown. You wouldn't expect the 98 machine would do what the IBM machine would do, but if you get onto the internet then it could access the IBM machines power.

JOHN: So I need this connection with God, and it's not firewalled or password protected?

LYDIA: Open access John, like MSN, but God is never going to block you as a friend.

RUTH: Where do babies come from?

MUM: Babies are another incredible gift. When you were born and I saw your faces for the first time, and I sat and loked at your tiny fingernails, felt the sooftness of your neck and your baby smell, I thanked God for giving mr such joy and having such love.

MUM: You're right John, lifelong learning I think they call it, but the thing is I am not alone. I have Jesus to help me, the family, the church. What do you think I am doing whn I go to adventurers (mum is a sunday school teacher) I am doing the learning!

LYDIA: So you see Ruthie, why when we sing "Lord there is none like you" there are some very good reasons behind the words!

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