Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mice , Potatoes and other garden glories!

This week it has finally been warm enough to venture out into the garden. My garden is fairly small at the back, but has a much larger area at the front and last year we dug up some garden beds At the back and tried a few vegetables. This year we are really going for it. we've dug up more of the back plot and are digging out a fairly large plot at the front.
Earlier this year I planted a whole host of fruiting plants, blueberries, black / red currants, gooseberries, tay berries and raspberries. They are all nicely established and beginning to shoot.
Yesterday it was potato day and I ventured out into the garden to make some raised beds for the potatoes I've been shooting in the kitchen. Some of them are proper seed potatoes and others are strays (you know, the ones that hide in the cupboard growing sprouts instead of being eaten!)
Anyway, I've got them all planted in lovely raised beds. Hope they turn out as nice as last years potato crop. Last years were delicious. I didn't set out to grow them. It just happened! I went to chuck some waste into the compost bins and found them all growing from the potato peelings I'd chucked in there.
This year though, my compost bins are not growing potatoes...... they are growing mice!
I noticed a while back that next door had a mouse, a really cheeky think that would boldly venture into the middle of their lawn and drag back huge pieces of bread put out for the birds. It would also hang out under the peanut feeder they'd put out for the birds and wait until the nuts were dropped before scoffing them.
When I was reordering the garden I emptied out the two huge compost bins and discovered a nest. there were no mice at home, but I'd noticed them head for cover as I began to empty the compost. How many mice? Well so far in my multi mouse catcher (humane of course) I've caught two and then I transported them to the edge of the village and chose a nice hedgerow in a corn field to let them go.
Hope they'll be happy in their new home!

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