Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring? winter? the weather just can't make up it's mind!

Saturday was a simply glorious day. I woke up with sun rays peeping through the curtains and that wonderful warm feeling.
I had a busy day of playing at "mum taxi" First thing was to get my middle lad out to orchestra. I am very lucky because a couple of neighbours take him over with their daughter. Once he was out the door i had to zip down the road to collect my eldest from a sleep over. As I pulled out of the drive in the car I was forced to stop and return inside for a pair of sunglasses. (not used since last summer!) luckily they were right where I'd eft them.
The journey was little over ten minutes, but what a joy, lots of people out walking, daffodills and other spring flowers dancing in the delicate summer breeze.
On the way back I called in at the local shop to collect a planter for my mum for mothers day.
There was not a lot of the morning left. Just time to feed the blueberries, water the potatopes and then I was off again to collect middle son from orchestra and to take him to a choir practice.
The journey was a route I'd never gone on despite living in the area for a total of 30 years! The route ran over the edge of the wolds and with the weather so clear and sunny I was able to see at least 40 miles.
The rehersal that I took my son to was already underway as it had started in the morning. As we walked into the building the sound was amazing. Vivaldi's Gloria filled the corridor with it's full and rich tones.
Then I had the journey back home. This to was lovely. What is it about the sun that makes everyone so so happy.
This morning was in contrast dark, dull and blowing a gale. "My greenhouse" was half way accross the garden and has remained there ever since as I know if I bother to go and stand it up, that I'll have to do it again later. There has been very heavy rain and hail and it's back to jumpers and central heating!
miserable weather!

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Autumn Rose Crafts said...

I know! The wind is howling so loudly today! Its cold and raining too... But I still have a really good feeling about this years weather! Im hanging on through the gails just for that! :)

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