Monday, October 3, 2011

Throwing Away Christmas

I am sure that Rev W F Awdry who originally wrote Thomas the Tank Engine, would be furious at the latest turn of events.  The latest story is set at Christmas, with Christmas trees, Christmas party's and Christmas presents, however there is no mention of Christmas.
Christmas has been referred to as Winter holidays,
Christmas trees as decorated trees
Christmas party as holiday party
This is sadly being allowed to become acceptable and all because no one stops it.  Google are also offenders and won't wish you Happy Christmas.
But the great British public celebrate "Christmas" I'm not claiming they all get the true meaning, but they buy Christmas Cards, Advent calendars, Christmas tree's etc.  I personally find it offensive that the reason for the celebration should be shoved into a cupboard and re-branded as Winter holidays.  I don't have trouble wishing Hindu's a Happy Divali or Muslim's a Happy Ede, or Jewish people a Happy Hanukkah.  The world is made up of diverse cultures and we should be allowed to celebrate it.
We need to stand up and demand that our Christian rights are not removed.


CarolC1 said...

I so agree. I have friends of all religions and never have a problem either. They actually send us Christmas cards and I send to them on their appropriate festival.
Why don't these politically bonkers bods just leave us to it, we know what we are all doing.

Holly said...

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