Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Beautiful Journey

There are times when being a mum means playing mum taxi.  The chasing round and making sure everyone has everything in the right place, all the components they'll need for their day and the appropriate clothes for the weather. These times can be fraught, but once you are in the car and you've double and tripple checked everything, inevitably the journey is a time to chat and find things out.
This morning I had two of mine and a borrowed child to deliver to Beverley for music.  beverley is about 14 miles from us over the Yorkshire Wolds, undulating chalk hills.  The sun was shining as we drove up the hills and the sky was beautifully blue.  Below us on the flood plain the grey mist obscured the view, but we climbed into the blue sky.  As we travelled along chatting the most stunning site met us.  red Kites flying with the sun glinting on their wings.  The white boomerangs underneath the wings bright.
The colours of autumn were starting to become very evident as the trees have started to take on the acidic colours and the oranges and reds are starting to form, the deep red hawthorn berries and brighter red pods of the rosehips are bright in the hedges.
As we entered Beverley Westwood, the most amazing site greated us.  The dew last night was heavy and still glistened on the grass.  The cows grazed with steam coming off their coats and from their mouths and the mist hung above the floor shrouding the bottoms of the tree's and gave a surreal vision of lines of trees and St. Marys Church graced the scene as though selected by an artist.
None of us had a camera with us, the moments we had witnessed live  on only in our minds, but I did think how lucky we were to have witnessed such beauty.

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CarolC1 said...

What a lovely part of the Country to live. You describe it beautifully, I feel as if I was sitting besides you in the car.

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