Friday, October 21, 2011

Crafts Tutorial ~ Papier Mache

I have been asked about making Papier Mache or Paper mache.
There are many recipes out there, but this one is the one I use and is a combination of many, resulting from much trial and error!  This results in a strong, thick and sturdy product which will last for many years.  It's not a quick method, but the quality is worth the process.
You will need:
wall paper paste
plain flour
Mold base or balloons etc

Use a ballon or upturned bowl as a base.  Layer up 3 or 4 layers of news paper strips and wall paper paste.  wall paper paste is used as it has anti fungal properties.  If making with children use watered down pva.
Leave to dry in a warm place.  (you could try putting in the oven on a low heat,  but be warned I tried and failed!)

Tear up the newspaper, add plenty of water.

 Boil until the paper disintegrates.

Use a liquidiser, food processor or wand masher to pulverise the paper (ideally you should keep one for none food use)

Drain water from pulp

Squeeze until it's as dry as possible

Crumble into a bowl
In a seperate bowl  mix flour and water and a dash of unmade wall paper paste into a thick gloopy paste.

Add the crumbled paper. Put in your hands and squeeze and manipulate until you have a clay like substance.

Cover the paper layered base with the clay paste.

Leave to dry.

Cover the pot with plain light weight paper or newspaper edges to give a good base for decoration.
leave to dry and then decorate with paints, paper etc.

Have fun


Hannah Robinson said...

Thanks for this, I'd love to have a go! Nice to see a recipe for strong papeir mache. :-)

CarolC1 said...

Mm. Half Term next week. No prizes for guessing what we will be doing. Thanks for that.

Lin said...

Thank you for that. My previous efforts were very messy and looked nowhere as good.

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