Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mixed Messages ~ charity shop cull

I really enjoyed watching Retial Guru Mary Portas' "Mary queen of shops" and Mary Queen of Charity Shops. "Mary Queen of Shops" featured Mary Portas offering her advise and design skills to shops that had seen better days, were left in the past, or simply did not have direction.  She put together plans that uplifted the shops and gave them a new lease of life and those running them the knowledge and plans to build bright new futures.
Mary Queen of Charity shops showed Mary taking over a charity shop and turning the design and methods of running it around.  She gave it a totally new outlook, engaged the community and left a thriving charity shop in her wake.
So why is Mary now bemoaning the humble charity shop, encouraging local councils to put a cap on the numbers allowed on our high streets?

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inspiral said...

I love charity shops. They're great for finding bead supplies and second hand books. And these days lots of other fab stuff! x

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