Thursday, November 3, 2011

A lonely Christmas ~ A Comforting Card

I love Christmas (can you tell?), however in the build up to the event it is becoming more and more obvious that some people find it a real challenge. It's a time when loneliness, illness, bereavement, poverty and unhappiness must come to the fore.  So often when asked what does Christmas mean to you?  the response is "family and friends".  "It's a time when we get together to celebrate"  so how must it feel then to be approaching Christmas knowing that you won't be with your loved ones this year because of illness, bereavement etc. 
A few weeks ago, I saw  these cards (above and below) designed by Ghost Goose to offer a caring approach to those for whom Christmas will be tough.  Their beautiful sensitivity will offer comfort to the person receiving them.
Show someone you care this Christmas!

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