Monday, October 24, 2011

Too Much Information

When I was growing up, it was in a time of  huge protection for children.  Things of a personal nature were not discussed out loud.  Matters of life and death were kept away from children and the news papers, news programmes etc did not show photos or details that would be graphic.
Whilst I beleieve that in modern society, children should be aware of life and death processes and be informed in loving and supportive environments There are certainly ways, means and limitations on what they should be subjected to.
How different it all is now.
This past weekend showed newspaper headlines, front page pictures in full colour and no holds barred.  The news programmes dealt in great detail of minute detailing.
I celebrate with Libya at it's freedom from oppressive leadership.
I do not however wish to see a close up of a bullet entry hole, the dead body of a man paraded, video's of the fear of a condemned man.
Let us instead celebrate a future, a new era and a free country


CarolC1 said...

I couldn't agree more. In these things we become less civilised not more.

Vic at Careford Creations said...

Another in agreement. It seems anything goes nowadays. What I find worrying is that nothing seems to shock a lot of people anymore...

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