Thursday, December 24, 2009

Putting the Christ into Christmas

I am a huge fan of "google art" (th illustrations that accomany the google search bar) Over the year we have seen some wonderful examples including celebrations of Confcious (if that's how it's spelt), Sesame street, popeye and many other great and not so great celebrations.
If you hover your mouse over the picture it will tell you what it is there to represent. Over the past week, google have introduced a series of card illustrations and I am disgusted to find that when I hover over the image the greeting simply reads "Happy holiday".
Why can christmas not even merrit a mention. Whilst I accept that not everyone chooses to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, surely the basis of the holiday period and celebration is the christian recognition of the birth of Jesus Christ.
I have no problem with the celebration of Diali, Hanuka, Ede or any other religious festival, indeed I am certain that a few weeks ago I saw a hannuka candelarbra on the google art. Why not wish me and any other Christian a happy Christmas.

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