Friday, December 18, 2009


Anyone who knows me will tell you that music makes my world go around. I have a very eclectic taste in music and will happily listen to most things.

I love the way that every genre of music has made Christmas a celebration. Classical composers have written celebratory pieces, clasical music has been taken by lyracists to write words to giving us some of our most well known carols. Modern pop groups have jazzed up traditional peices and everyone seems to have put their tilt into Christmas. I have adopted my sons spotify account (when he's out of the house) and I have really enjoyed myself simply by putting Christmas followed by Jazz, traditioanl, classical, comtemporary, worship etc into the search box.

For me though, the all time greats of the Christmas genre are: Nat King Cole (he sang to me while I laboured with my daughter, and kept me very calm! and the Celtic women singers.

If I had to choose a favourite piece of Christmas music It would have to be Hark the Herald Angels. The depth of the undertones are delightful. The reason it's not yet appeared on my blog is that I am saving it!!

Another piece I really love is O holy night, which I believe was written for the Morman Tabernackle Choir. It's an amazing song and yes, it'll have to ne good Old Nat who wins the singing contest! Enjoy!

Do share with me your favourite carols ......

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