Monday, December 14, 2009


Being a mum of a tallented child (be it music or sport etc) you often find that your whole life can be turned upside down and that you need to make sacrifices in your own life to enable your child to fulfill their potential.
Over the years, my sons musical tallents have been recognised and rewarded with membership of orchestras, music schools, music schemes, music holidays and that's on top of the hours practice per night and the numerous lessons and exams you ferry them too. Family holiday dates and duration have been changed to accomodate opportunities.
There are expensive instruments to purchase, insure, service and care for. (and you really won't believe the cost of this!)
I am not the model mum. I do moan, I get fed up carting him around, booking apppointments aound him and even missing events to support him.
But then there are the moments that make it all worth while. Yesterday afternoon was ne of them.
I attended the city Hall in Hull with a family contingent and sat up on the Balcony (nearly the best seats in the place) and watched my son perform in the East Riding Youth orchestra. The musical tallent on display was amazing. The senior wind band were also there. We heard renditions of Pirates of the Caribean, arnival of the animals, masked men tunes, Traditonal and modern carols and then the highlight... the performance of "The Snowman". The hall went dark, mist decended onto the stage and amid the glorious music and light, arrived a stunning young girl dressed in the most beautiful delicate pink gown. Eleanor Tomlinson ~ Local girl turned Hollywood actress. She told the story beautifully. At one stage, the glitter ball began to spin and glistening snowflakes span around the room swirling and creating the most magical atmosphere.
I don't have any shame in admitting that I sat and cried.
Tonight is almost coming full circle. The first ensemble my son joined was the string training orchestra and tonight they are in a concert where my son is part of the Youth Singers. He's been asked to take his violin to play support in their orchestra.
Thursday is the school concert and then on Friday we have my daughters school concert with everone of the parents and every child packed tightyly into the sports centre.
I'm so privaleged to have tallented children and it really is worth the sacrifice!!

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