Thursday, December 10, 2009

A story for Christmas ~ Good News, Bad news!

"Good News" said the angel to Mary, "you're going to have a baby".
"Good news" said the Angel to Joseph, "Mary is going to be a mum"
"Bad news" said Joseph, "we have to travel all the way to Bethlehem to be counted"
"Good news" said Mary "We have a lovely donkey and I can ride on him"
"Bad news" said Mary and Joseph, "this journey is long and cold"
"Bad news" said an inkeeper, "we've no room"
"Bad news" said another, and another.
"Bad news" said the inkeeper, "we have no room"
"Good news" said the inkeepers wife, "we have a stable out the back, you can stay there"
"Good news" said Joseph as he led the donkey and Mary round to the stable.
"Good news" said Mary, it's warm in here.
"Bad news" said Joseph, "I think I stepped in something."
"Good news" said Mary, "My baby has been born and he is called Jesus".
"Good news" said the inkeepers wife, it's so exciting to see the baby"
"Good news" said the Angels to the shepherds "A baby has been born in Bethlehem"
"Good news" said the shepherds, "lets go and see the baby"
"Bad news" said the sheep left behind on the hillside all alone!
"Good news" said the shepherds as they gazed at the baby.
"Good news" said the wise men "look at the star"
"Bad news" said King Herrod when the wise men told him why they'd come.
"Good news" said the wise men as they knelt before the baby and gave him their gifts.
"Good news for everyone!"

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