Monday, August 1, 2011


Although we are only one week into the summer holidays, I've so far fixed four punctures.
Sadly, 3 of those have been on the same bike and although the tyres deflate over night still, I can't locate any more.  I'll probably have to resort to new inner tubes.
The fourth puncture I repaired was so easy to find once I'd taken out the inner tube.  It was a half centimeter gash near the valve.  I looked in the repair kit for the largest patch I had, applied copious quantities of glue, applied the patch and left it to dry.
After a while I pumped a little air in and it was all holding fine, so I put the tyre back on and pumped it up.  I nearly jumped out of my skin when with a plunge of the pump handle the inner tube exploded with a huge hissssss of air.
So sometime this holiday I will be going to the bike shop for replacement inner tubes!

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