Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Celtic Woman UK Concert Cancelled

This is my 1000th post.It should have been a happy post BUT I have had some sad news today:

Having found Celtic Woman several years ago by chance on You Tube, I've been really envious of the Americans who have had countless concerts of the beautiful arrangements of the most beautiful music. Over the years, I've shared their music with my blog readers, friends and family and have found it all very inspirational.
I was so excited to see that at long last they have decided to tour the UK with their wonderful show.  I persuaded my husband that we really should go as one of the dates was only an hour away at the Barbican Centre in York.  When the tickets arrived through the post, I was so excited and bounced through the house on a high.  I've been counting down the days, keeping an eye out for updates and publicity etc.
Then today an envelope dropped through the door telling me that the concert has been cancelled.  I'm totally gutted.  We were all looking forward to it and my little girl is really upset.
There is no explanation as to why it has been cancelled.
take a look at the beautiful music we shall not get to see, I just wish I knew why?

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CarolC1 said...

I have always loved folk music. In fact I was in a folk group during my 20s and 30s, Mt tastes are across the board with a definite leaning towards Celtic so I can feel for you and your family. OH and I have enjoyed a few minutes listening to your offerings, thankyou.

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