Monday, April 18, 2011

A trip to the seaside and cake jewellery

Saturday was a beautiful sunny day.  It was the perfect day for a visit to the seaside. I packed up the car and put on my sunglasses, wound down the window, turned on some nice music and set off to Cleethorpes.  I crossed the Humber bridge with the sun dancing on the river below.
Going on the Road into Cleethorpes itself, I joined the steady stream of families off to enjoy the beach, Pleasure Island and the other attractions.  I was almost sad to turn before the sea came into view.  My trusty Sat Nav took me straight to my desination and there a car parking space awaited me.
I wasn't going to the beach or to Pleasure Island, I was going to a church hall to demonstrate cake jewellery to the ladies of the Cleethorpes and Grimsby British Sugrcraft Guild.
Out came my boxes and I was really pleased to be greeted warmly and made to feel relaxed from the beginning.
I laid out all my samples, materials and some jewellery creations and then I set up my fake cake.  By Fake cake, I mean two polystyrene round cake shapes.  I had meant to ice them, but a busy week meant it didn't happen and I could have been severely embarrassed if I'd tried and not got it perfect.
One by one the ladies and a gent trouped in.  there was an amazing turn out and the ladies were of a very wide age range which was lovely to see.
After an introduction, I explained how I'd developed from an interior designer ino a jewellery maker and how a chance "meeting" on the Crafts Forum had introduced me to the art of cake jewellery.
It would have been extremely boring for the ladies to sit and watch me make a whole piece.  The monotony of watching me twiddle wire would have sent them to sleep!  Instead I showed them how basic techniques could be used to create different ideas.  It's amazing how once you are in the flow, the time flies by.  An hour and a half later I was gasping for a cuppa and drew the demonstration to a close. 

I had some really interesting chats with the ladies and had a lovely cake and a cup of tea before packing up for the return journey.  I was privaledged to see some of the ladies hard and intricate work for a forthcoming show they are attending.  I think the content is probably top secret, so I won't divulge it here, sufice to say it's an impreesive exhibit!

Photo's of examples of my work (sugar craft people by Lorraine Mackay)

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