Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Order From Chaos

This last weekend, my parents gave me a huge chest of pine draws. 
Now anyone who knows me knows I live in a creative environment.  I am not a tidy minamalist type of person.  I hoard, be it magazines with pretty pictures, fabrics, shells, glass, twigs and logs etc.  To me everyting has a potential.  In my workroom I have floor to ceiling shelving filled with glue, paints, cardboard, beads (of course) tools, papers and cupboards full of fabric, buttons, ribbons, threads and oter materials for creating.
There are of course also my completed projects, necklaces, tiaras, paintings, bracelets, sock monkeys and many more bits and pieces.
Our house is not big, perfectly adequate, but certainly not big.  A family of five can produce quite a bit of mess with their clutter.
Having the draws has meant that I have to fill them.  I've begun to organise things.  The lounge is now looking more streamlined and as a result, it's enabled me to empty the collapseable book case and to use that to order my kitchen store under the stairs.  (now my kitchen really is tiny.  It's actually in the old coal house!)
I pulled out loads of stuff and had a good clear out.  now I can access  the pans and their lids easily and it's enabled me to have more order in there.
The knock on effect is also great as it 's making me tidy through the other rooms too.
I doubt I'll actually throw much out, but I may put it in a more apporachable order and may be inspired to create as I discover lost treasures!

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