Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Plans For Today

It's a beautiful sunny day.  The forecast however is not likely to remain so nice as it's been widely reported that Easter will be wet and rainy.
I am going to be taking advantage of the sunshine and on my list of jobs today are:
Cut the lawns
Plant out: Carrots, parsnips,salad greens, lettuce, Kale, garlic and squash.
Sow Runner beans
Empty the compost bins and spread
Cut some of the hedges, some of them have nesting birds in and so I'll leave odd bits untouched.  (have been studying whose living where for the past few days.)
And then if there is any time left, I shall be getting ready for my demonstration for the British Sugarcraft Guild this coming weekend.  (just hope the postie arrives with some bits and bobs I ordered!)

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