Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mutant Flowers

A weed is just a flower in the wrong place!
My garden is bursting with the colour yellow.  It's a beautiful bright sunshine yellow and it's not from the daffodils as they've all died back and have been deheaded.  This current flourish of yellow is from the Dandelions.  I know I am not alone, on recent journeys I've been thrilled to see carpets of dandelions.  Now I know they are a weed and a very invasive weed, but aren't they beautiful,, their tiny snipped petals taking in the suns rays. 

When we first moved into our home 11 years ago, We dug up the back and carefully removed all the tap roots, one by one tracing them through the soil and taking them out.  We sowed grass seed, sat back and waited for a beautiful lawn to appear, it did.  Somehow, dispite all our efforts we had daisys and dandelions galore.
Over the years I've ignore them, pulled them out of the flower beads and the veg garden, but on the lawn and the weed border (for wildlife) they remain dancing in the breeze.
It's nice when the lawn is first cut as you just have the green  for a few days.  However, my clever dandelions have fought back and used their mother nature powers to flower right next to the ground and they have done their maths correctly, because when I mow the lawn, the lawn mower simply skims accross the top leaving the dandelions still intact and dancing in the sun

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