Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Live ~ Turning the tables

Jesus and the Moneychangers (Boris Olshansky, 2006)
This temple is a real business opportunity, I was on the waiting list for years before I got a pitch.  It took a few bungs in the right direction as well, but here I am with my prime position stall. They come in to pray, they come in to make their offerings and that's when they realise they simply have to stop at my stall and partake.
It's a licence to print money!
Praying on the vulnerability, the insecurities and the needieness of these....... these ......pilgrims.  I'll always take good care of them, put their needs first, like their need for forgiveness (need sufficient offerings for that and my doves are the best you can buy, they'll guarantee forgiveness).
Their need tto feel that God can see them (why would God not see them if they are offering my classy offerings!)
I make a good wage packet here, no need for advertising, the crowds simply flock through the gates.  I couldn't be set up in a better place.

Yesterday everyone that came in seemed to be on a real high.  Not drugs, this was something different, something altogeher stranger.  They'd all been running up and down and singing and shouting about this Galilean bloke, I think Asher was on about him the other day, apparently he's a healer and tells the crowds what they want to hear.  I 've even heard that he's got the ability to make excellent wine.  Sounds like someone I should be getting together with to network.  Could go into business together.  I wonder what the going rate is for wine and healing these days.  I fancy a bit of diversification
Blimey, it's a bit noisy today. who the heck is banging around like that.  They are making my doves all nervous.  People won't buy them if they don't look good.
It's a mad man, they ought to call in the guards, he's just chucked James' table over and now he's heading my way.  Wonder who upset him?
Bugger he's looking at me, now he's walking towards my table.

"This should be a house of prayer and yet you have made it a den of theives"

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