Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The loss of a pet ~ Mopsey Bunny

Once upon a time there were two little bunnies called Flopsey and Mopsey (very unoriginal, I know!).  Sadly now htere  is only one.  Yesterday there were two, but when I went out to see them this morning, there was only one. Mopsey (with white ears) died sometime last night.
The rabbits came to live with us 5 years ago.  A chance remark in the playground one day about how my kids would love a pet, yeilded the offer of two rabboits, a cage and a run.  At first I didn;t believe the offer and sort of passed it by, but a week later another mum came up to me and said that the offer was genuine.  The rabbits had previously been owned by the lady and her two daughters, but after the initail attraction, the girls had lost interest and the mum wasn't the rabbbit type! (she was scared of mice coming etc .... how right she was! SEE HERE) So the buunies arrived one day with their fantastic two storey hutch and their run and their escape tunnel that allowed them day and night access to the run.
To start with the bunnies were very skittish.  They hadn't been held much, but after a few weeks and several scratched arms and faces later, the larger of the two Flopsey was enjoying all the fuss.  Mopsey remained a little more reluctant and so it was largely left to me to handle her.  During the summer the bunnies would come into the house to play.
Last Saturday Mopsey lost the reluctance to be handled, I think she was probably getting tired and sick, but she didn't resist being picked up.  Yesterday she spent much of the day snuggled in the straw and then this morning when I went out, the two bunnies were snuggled together, but Mospsey was clearly not there anymore.  She's now burried in the garden and I know that when the children get back from school / work they are going to be very saddened at her passing.


SimJaTa said...

So sorry for the loss of Mopsey. Thoughts with you and your children.

Lynda x

ZukieStyle said...

I'm sorry to read this :( we have a house rabbit snowball, and I can imagine how much joy Mopsey would have given you and your children. I do hope Flopsey is ok? And I hope your children understand. Watership down gets me every time :( Big hug xx

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