Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Shrove Tuesday ~ Pancake Day

Enjoy your pancakes.
Shrove Tuesday is the day before Ash Wednesday (the start of the preparation for the celebration of Easter in the Christian Church known as Lent).  It can be as early as 3rd Feb and as Late as 9th March because the clelbration of Easter is based around the cycle of the moon.

The term shrove tuesday is derived from the word to "shrive" ~ seek absolution from sins through confession and penetance. It's usually a day of high spirited fun before the more sombre and subdued preparation for Easter.  Traditionally Lent is a time of self deprivation, fasting and focus on the meaning of Easter.  For this reason, Shrove Tuesday is also known as "Fat Tuesday".  In order to avoid the temptations of a rich diet, the sugars and fats in a household were used up by making Pancakes.  This meant that through the period of lent, the temptations of sweet and fatty food were removed, making the process easier. 

You can find a step by step guide to making pancakes HERE. 

Or you can cheat by going to your local shop and buying a packet mix!   My personal tip is to make sure your pan is smoking before adding the batter mix.

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AngelsandDiamonds said...

Lovely :) i will be making lots of pancakes tonight x

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