Friday, March 18, 2011

Powering The Future

Seeing the horrific images from Japan this last week, and knowing that not only do these thousands of affected people have to face the rebuilding of their lives, they willl also be facing aq very incertain future regarding the  nuclear issue. The radio active emmisions pouring out of the damages reactor builidings may well continue to pour health issues on those same people and further afield for decades to come.
Looking at our power needs in the UK, I can't help thinking as I have done for many years, that turning our backs on wind / wave and solar power is plain stupid. I find it so selfish and annoying when people object to having the turbines cited near them.  Rather a turbine than a nuclear plant!
I really think we should be embracing the natural power that is avalable to us.  I would rather see turbines all over our nation, than the vast expance of desolation that a nuclear accident would afford.
This is only our world to borrow, we are custodians and need to look after it for future generations.

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