Saturday, January 29, 2011

One little mouse

A few days ago I discovered that a tiny field mouse had taken up residence in the garden and was sharing the rabbits hay and food (although he's made his own little burrow under the patio)  You can read all that bit HERE.

I have had a humane mouse trap set up  laced with peanut butter (apparently a favourite) and weetabix and rabbit food (as he is obviously partial to that).

Following the initial sightings of the mouse scurrying back and forth on the first day, after that he became quiet.  No sightings of him and I thought maybe a cat or owl had swooped in for tea.  I gave up worrying and so when I went out to feed the bunnies this morning I nearly leapt out of my skin when the trap had clearly done it's job and the little mouse was caught. (appologies for the poor picture quality.  I just didn't want to hang around!)

Now this would ordinarily be cause for celebration, but with my Oh out at work, it was down to me to carry the trap to the car and drive little mouse to the outskirts of the village, clamber accross the beck and let mousie go beside a tall oak tree.  At first he climbed out of the trap and sat looking at me for nearly a minute before leisurely approaching the tree and clibing up it!

So this story has a happy ending and the mouse is where he should be, in a hedgerow by a big field.

Have reset the trap just in case he had a friend!

1 comment:

Nic :) said...

Well done on getting the little 'un and setting him free miiiiiiiiiiles away!
You did better than what i would have done!

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