Saturday, January 8, 2011

How did they ever manage without alarm clocks?

Last night, I carefully packed my boxes for the market, tidied the house, laid out my thermals and then picked up my mobile (that I use as an alarm clock), put it on my bedside table and went to sleep, safe in the knowledge that my alarm would wake me at half past six, so that I could be up at the market at half past seven.

This morning, I was not infact woken by my alarm, but by my husband asking me what time it was.  My reply was a muffled rebuke for having the audacity to talk to me before the alarm went off.  Glad he persisted though because eventually to pacify him I looked at the time to discover to my horror  that it was infact one minute to eight.  Well then the preverbial hit the fan.  My husband had infact been due to leave the house at eight with my son to collect my sons friend and take them off to an event.

I ran through the house like a banchee screatching at everyone to get up and sorted.  In the end, having looked at the rain falling horizontally that I wasn't going to the market anyway, so I would take them.

We did eventually arrive with ten minutes to spare and I had  a leisurely drive home through the storm, rain and thick thick fog.  So now, I am sitting here feeling guilty about all the poor stall holders standing up at the market in the rain and cold..... while I am snuggly warm with a cup of tea and dry feet!

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