Sunday, January 2, 2011

Glorious Light

In the run up to Christmas, one of our music group discovered this piece of music in her stash.  We've all loved singing it and have looked around the internet for video's etc of it being sung, but until today I've not managed to find one.

The words are wonderfully uplifting and positive.  It's written by the husband and wife song writing duo Keith and Kristyn Getty.

Glorious light! See the dawn of salvation; 
Angels in white fill the skies with their wondrous song, 
awakening earth with news of his birth; 
Join the hymn of the highest heavens.

Long has the world fought the song of the angels; 
Heavenly music is drowned by a warring world. 
Yet hope burns a light that shatters the night; 
Turn your heart to the call of glory.

Chorus: Glory to God in the highest! 
Peace to men on earth. 
Come and adore him with wonder. 
Christ, Lord of Heaven and earth.

There is a day all creation has longed for, 
when all of time has been spent and the Lord returns. 
His song we’ll repeat, as Heaven completes, 
promised peace that will fill the nation.

You can listen to the music in the post below

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