Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Broken Necklace

A few days ago I answered a plea for help to fix a broken necklace on the Uk Crafts Forum.  The necklace arrived with me this morning and I was initially at a loss for what to do.  After a little bit of head scratching I did this:

The central butterfly is snapped and the loop for attaching the side panel is missing.

Using a piece of deep green velvet as a backing I used GS hypo cemement to glue the two parts of the butterfly into position.

I filled the area around the break with the glue.

Allowed the glue to dry

Cut around the butterfly


Now the scarey bit, cut off the loop (no going back now!)

Create  figure of eight loops using a headpin then attach through the antenae.

And finally attach the side panels.


AngelsandDiamonds said...

Great job :)

Heavenly Anarchist said...

That looks great! Very impressive repair.

Crystal Velvet said...


prem2pram said...

Wow you've tackled a very difficult job, the repair is perfect and I am sure the customer will be over the moon.

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