Monday, May 31, 2010

Eurovision ~ why?

Yes, another year has passed leaving us straggling behind (this time in last place).  Ten points is better than none!
Last night the performance was poor.  Our backing singers seemed to all be singing off key and I wonder if their ear pieces weren't working and then on the big climax Josh hit a couple of duds and that was it.  Performance over.
I have to say, that I think one of the reasons we are trailing is that because we are spending loads of money towards the contest along with some other nations, we buy our way into the final.  We are there by buying our place.  Noone has invested time in our song other than us.
Is there also a feeling that by buying our way to the final, that our song is not worthy?
I know that the second time you hear a song, is the time when you make real judgements on it, and whilst in the main competition most of the songs have been heard before in the heats and people are somewhat familiar with them, as automatic finalists, we've not had that option. (not that I think this years song from us was winning material.)
My all time favourite Eurovision winner was one of ours, Katrina and the waves singing "Love shine a light"
(can't believe this was way back in 1997!)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day 139 ~ One A Day Challenge ~ Even more Earrings

I've been focusing big time on earrings this week and I think this is the final day of earring posts, although I cannot of course guarantee that fact!
This batch are all tiny dangles with a stud style top.

I have Swarovski crystals in all colours.

Little ball dangles

Czech fire polished crystals

Sky 29/5/10

Big fluffy clouds

100 Followers ~ A Celebration and a giveaway!!

I now have 100 followers.  Thank you to each and everyone of you from the first to the last!
Number 100 is Lisa of Dreamstar Diaries who is a multi tallented lady who is a chef and a crafter.  She is the creator of these gorgeous teddy bears. 

As an ardent arctophile I have to say that I approve!

I will be sending Lisa a celebration gift to mark this momentous occasion (well it is in my eyes!) and I shall also be putting together a selection of jewellery as a giveaway. 
To enter leave a comment along with the following details.
Whats your favourite colour?
Do you have pierced ears?
What is your wrist size?
The draw will be made on next Saturday at noon.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Day 138 ~ One A Day Challenge ~ More Earrings.

Textural Polymer clay stud earrings

These texture surface polymer clay earrings can be created in any colour or combination of colours.
Shown: Turquoise, Dark teal, Turquoise Swirls, Ripple, Tiger, Dark Delight, Warm Fire.

Who will be 100th?

I have 99 followers!!

The Champers is on ice.  The balloons are blown up. The bunting is hung up and gentley blowing in the breeze. ..... so who is going to be the one?

I have been featured ~ Soap Angels

Helen from Soap Angels has been kind enough to feature my ivory rose hair clip and my Ivory Rose Tiara as part of her flower feature week.
Helen makes some really beautiful soaps with very elegant features. Like this angel soap. 

Sky ~ 28/5/10

Stunning blue

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 137 ~ One A Day Challenge ~ Stud Earrings

Stud style earrings in Czech Crystals

This style of earrings can be created in any colour.

shown: Grass, emerald, Crysolite, Olive, Cyan, teal, ivory fresh water pearl

sky ~ 27/5/10

Bright cloudy sky

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 136 ~ One A Day Challenge ~ More polymer clay stud earrings

More polymer clay stud earrings.  Again again colour or colour combination can be created.
above: summer stripe, bulls blood, horizon,strawberry and chocolate, flame

Sky ~ 26/5/10

Huge billowy clouds

Day 135 ~ One A Day Challenge ~ Polymer Clay Stud Earrings

Polymer clay stud earrings can be made in any colour or colour combination.
 Above: Malachite, chocolate, blue, deckchair, jungle

Sky 25/5/10

Rather a dull day

Day 134 ~ One A Day Challenge ~ Earring display

A new look earring display.  Only a few dozen more pairs to create!

Sky ~ 24/5/10

Cloudy and cooler

Day 133 ~ One A Day Challenge ~ Multi strand bracelet

Red beads combined to make multi stranded bracelet

Sky 23/5/10

Woops, is that a bit of house?

It's a beautiful hot and sunny day

I have been featured ~ on Cuteable

My jewelled colours comb has been featured on Cuteable. for Wordless Wednesday.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Craft Juice Tuesday ~ 25/5/10 ~ In the garden

These pretty little ceramic button would look amazing incorporated into any craft project.  They are made by Hodgepodge arts 
This is a beautiful handmade card from Swirly Arts.  it is one of a set of five cards featuring upcycled fabric featuring birds and rainbows.

This is a wonderful peony type felted flower brooch by Creative bumblebee.  The colours and texture are amaazing.
This stunning silver floral ring is created by Artisan silver.  It has such lovely fine veining and texture to it.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day 132 ~ One A Day Challenge ~ a pair of earrings!

Sorry, but this is really lame!  I have a migraine starting up (just taken the trusty migraleve) I am not offering anything more exciting than a single pair of earrings.  I do promise to be a ittle more creative next week.


I think this is one of the most stunning skies yet!

Day 131 ~ One A day Challenge ~ Deep jewell coloured comb

Czech fire polished crystals in stunning jewell colours.
multi coloured encrusted comb.
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