Monday, May 31, 2010

Eurovision ~ why?

Yes, another year has passed leaving us straggling behind (this time in last place).  Ten points is better than none!
Last night the performance was poor.  Our backing singers seemed to all be singing off key and I wonder if their ear pieces weren't working and then on the big climax Josh hit a couple of duds and that was it.  Performance over.
I have to say, that I think one of the reasons we are trailing is that because we are spending loads of money towards the contest along with some other nations, we buy our way into the final.  We are there by buying our place.  Noone has invested time in our song other than us.
Is there also a feeling that by buying our way to the final, that our song is not worthy?
I know that the second time you hear a song, is the time when you make real judgements on it, and whilst in the main competition most of the songs have been heard before in the heats and people are somewhat familiar with them, as automatic finalists, we've not had that option. (not that I think this years song from us was winning material.)
My all time favourite Eurovision winner was one of ours, Katrina and the waves singing "Love shine a light"
(can't believe this was way back in 1997!)

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