Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day 76 ~ one A Day Challenge ~ A neat a tidy veg patch

Not strictly crafting, however this is counting as my one a day today ~ a neat and tidy veg patch.

Last year The front garden was invaded by a team of spade weilding people and a veg patch was dug out. I planted salad, green beans, garlics, potatoes and we also have an assortment of fruit bushes. Since the end of last year, it's been resting and today was the day to rip all the bean poles down and stake the bushes and clear off the weeds.
I took this picture from the upstairs window and if you look carefully (at about 2 o clock) you can see stubby.

Paul Hudson, the local weather man has predicted snow for next week, so I'm aying off planting the seeds yet.
Today was the first day the daffodils in the village have become yellow.

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