Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day 66 ~ One A Day Challenge ~ Papier Mache Bangles

I think that I will be doing bangles for the nex few days. They are so much fun to make. I get glue everywhere and love mixing and matching the papers.
I love this autumn toned paper swatches

Black and white came from a fashion spread featuring print fabrics

Rich jewell tones

Would you believe that this is spaghetti and meat balls!
The bangles are for sale here


Linda Rose said...

Just love your bangles! I am speaking at a Christian ladies camp and wanted to do something practical and beautiful half way through my 2 hour session and thought of doing a papier machie bangle. Would you be happy to tell me how you did yours? Your shape is so great. I was thinking over a tin to get the size but wondered if you moulded with pulp or just used the paper strips. Would love to hear from you and just love your site and that you are faithful to the Faithful!

Crystal Velvet said...

Hi Linda
if you email me on I'll tell you all about it.
Hope to hear from you

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