Monday, February 22, 2010

Crafts Juice Tuesday ~ a riot of colour!

This Tutti fruiti vegan cold process soap has been created by Silvia Victory and it's multitude of colour and flavour make the mouth water. It would make such a wonderful gift. I really love the swirly decorations.
I really love these colourful handknitted stacking toys created by Stitches In Time. The base is a lily pad pond and then there are three colourful characters, a bumblebee, lady bird and dragon fly.

This notebook by Elles Designs features perspect covers with gem motif decorations. this is definatly a contender froi "riot of colour

Wow, how could anyone fail to love this tea pot cosy created by Blue Shed Crafts. The little knitted rabbits look as though they are having so much fun.
Craft juice is a sharing site, where you can show off your handmade creations. you can also vote for other peoples creations. 5 votes mean you get a front page listing! And it's all free!


ZukieStyle said...

Oh wow! Love the tutti frutti soap!!!x

RosyTint said...

Thanks for posting my Pesky Rabbits!

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