Thursday, February 18, 2010

Auntie Winnie ~ A crafter

You could always tell when one of Auntie Winnie's cards dropped through your door. As a child it was easy to recognise the carefully cut out flowers birds and butterflies, reclaimed from mass produced greeting cards, so carefully applied to the back of the envelope. Her writing also gave the game away, cursive and artistic.
Other tallents included knitting horrendously gaudi mixed colour jumpers. She'd go to jumble sales and buy jumpers and then carefully undo the stiching and the unravel the yarn into balls which would be knitted or crocheted into the jumpers or into dolls blankets.
I don't think that I ever understood her, perhaps she was ahead of her time. It wasn't until recently that I remembered the little touches that were her.
Auntie Winnie died many years ago, but I wonder if that's what sowed the creativity in me.

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