Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The streets of hull are paved with fish!

The town of Kingston Upon Hull (usually called Hull) has been built up over the years largely due to the fishing trade. Although this is mostly gone now, Hull holds tight to it's heritage and has embraced it with an exciting way to go sight seeing around the town.
All over the modern and historical areas of Hull are fish (like the Eal shown above) they are secreted into the pavements, gates, monuments and you can get a map and take a guided tour round the town whilst searching out all 41 examples of fish. It's a great activity for the kids to really enjoy whilst you take in the beautiful architecture, scenery and history.
You can purchase a guide map from the start of the trail at the Tourist information centre next to the city hall in the centre of Hull (40p ~ this includes a certificate on completion!)
You can also take a sneak preview of what you are looking for by clicking here (click the numbers on the map to reveal the fish!)
It's a fun way to sight see!


ZukieStyle said...

Karen, I just wanted to say your blog is lovely, there is something about it that really makes me want to keep on reading!

Dee xx

Crystal Velvet Weddings said...

Thank you!!

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