Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Skirt Drama Update ~ Latest in the skirt saga

Continuing the saga I am having with school uniform skirts,
School uniform ~ Arrrggggghhhh
and the follow up: Bad News
here is the latest episode

Parcel finally arrives today Wednesday.  I go into the house, open it up and discover not the black 26 x 22, but a grey 24 x 20.  I just sat and stared at it.  How can an order be quite so wrong?
I phoned the company and got the expected apology, but that doesn't help when they don't have the skirt I actually ordered in stock.
So I have now to send back this skirt and find another.  Hopefully my new selection of company can do better!! ... well they could hardly be worse!

1 comment:

CarolC1 said...

I could have made her one in the time you have spent looking around. What a shame I am not nearer.

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